Lorenzo learned from his mother that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Italy born Lorenzo Nirichi started cooking as a little boy beside his mother. His family hails from Pofi, Italy near Rome. He discovered at an early age how to make his family and friends content with their delicious recipes.

His wife Joanne loved his food so much, she joined him in the kitchen. They would often give the lasagnas and raviolis away as gifts to family and friends. Soon word spread and the calls came in for catering requests.

It all started from one baptism party request for two lasagnas, 75 meatballs and two gallons of sauce. Joanne saw their future in making many families happy through their food . But there never seemed to be enough time or money to start the business. Then time stopped; Joanne became critically ill and passed away in 2007. Born out of inspiration as a tribute to his late wife, Lorenzo’s Specialty Products was formed. Each product label talks about the story of Lorenzo and Joanne, their love for food and each other.

That passion has developed into Lorenzo’s handcrafted tomato sauces, infused olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Just like the sauce he makes at home, they are made in small batches with only natural ingredients. No preservatives or artificial anything. The infused olive oils lend a creative touch and balsamic vinegar has been aged for over two decades. Because that’s how Lorenzo would make it at home for his family, because he believes the kitchen is the heart of everyone’s home. Enjoy and Buon Appetito!